Symposium 2022: Midwifery Movement Matters – Johannesburg Day 2


The Symposium for All Midwives and Associated Professionals

5 May 2022
Indaba Hotel and Conferencing Centre, Johannesburg



On The Agenda:

  • Maternity Care is a Team Sport, with Midwives being the Centrepiece – It’s time to play right
  • Impact of Covid on Pregnancy, the (unborn) Baby, and Health Care Professionals
  • How to practice confidently in a ‘Fear of Litigation’ loaded Birth Environment
  • Estimated Due Date Questioning – Ultrasound Guidelines
  • Implementation of the New Maternity Case Records
  • Workshop: Young Midwives Making Moves
    • Private Sector
    • Government Sector
    • Independent Practice 
    • Education & Academics 
  • Pelvic Floor & Sexual Health
  • Doula’s as an integral part of the birthing team
  • Thermoregulation, what midwives know and they ought to know
  • The Sensitive Midwifery Approach – a Solution to the Maternal Health Crisis

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