the symposium for all midwives and associated professionals

Sensitive Midwifery Symposium is one of the largest and most prestigious midwifery and perinatal conferences in Africa, initiated in 1996 by the Sister Lilian Centre, which specialises in midwifery, pregnancy, birth and parenting education and advice.

Sensitive Midwifery Symposium aims to make a positive difference to midwifery and maternity and child care while celebrating the professions involved. It offers you a unique and innovative blend of expertise updates, advocacy of sensitive care, challenging harmful practices, exposure to relevant complementary health fields, encouragement of professional morale, and professional inspiration.

Each year, the Sensitive Midwifery Symposium has a unique flavor with its own theme which become part of our slogans we live by, such as ‘Lead where you are’, ‘Midwifery Movement Matters’ and ‘Better Together’.  We are so excited to announce the theme for 2024:

Empowered through Knowledge

It is now more than ever important that Midwives take their full place and bring back the beautiful art of true midwifery. We are empowered through knowledge, which leads to expertise, respect, and independence. Be(come) the midwives of the future.

our keynote speaker

World renowned doctor, speaker and researcher, Dr. Nils Bergman, will be talking about ‘Nurturescience, Zero Separation and Breastfeeding’.

Dr. Nils Bergman holds expertise and interest in maternal and neonatal health care as a Public Health Physician.

His qualifications include an MB ChB from the University of Cape Town (1980, equivalent to a US MD), a Diploma in Child Health in Developing Countries from Uppsala University (1987), a Master’s in Public Health (cum laude) from the University of Western Cape (1999), and a Doctor of Medicine in Clinical Pharmacology from the University of Zimbabwe (1997, equivalent to a US PhD).

Dr. Nils’s work experience spans across Zimbabwe (Low-Income Country), South Africa (Middle-Income Country), and Sweden (High-Income Country), providing a valuable global perspective to their research.

He played a key role in initiating the Immediate KMC Study and served as a Principal Investigator in the WHO Study Group that conducted and recently published the RCT’s results.

Dr. Nils has also developed and published “nurturescience,” a scientific rationale explaining the unexpected findings of significantly reduced mortality in very low birth weight newborns receiving immediate and continuous skin-to-skin contact.

programme highlights

– Launch of the New Maternity Guidelines

– Atomic Midwifery

– Birth Language

– Mind Laws and why Antenatal Education is vital for our Expectant Parents

– Ultrasound in Midwifery

– CPD Implementation

– Respectful Maternity Care

– Navigating Stillbirth: Supporting Families in Perinatal Loss

– Nurturescience: Zero Separation and Breastfeeding

– Framework for collaboration between Midwives and Traditional Birth. Attendants

– Vertical Transmission Prevention- New ART clinical guidelines

– Illuminating the Vital Role of Postpartum Care in Women’s Health

– Empowering Midwives to support holistic early childhood development

– Pelvic Floor Health

– Navigating from public to private midwifery

– Optimising management of obstetric emergencies and complications

– Physiological birth, brain development and the wellness of the family unit in the long-term

– Nurturing Inclusivity: Synthesizing queer patients in maternity care

– PPH Management

sensitive midwifery accreditation

Sensitive Midwifery is a recognised educational brand in South Africa’s midwifery and nursing industry, considered by many to be one of the ‘big influencers’ of midwives and mothers. Sensitive Midwifery Academy is in the process of seeking accreditation as a CPD provider and has an internal CPD accreditation system, pending the formal points system in South Africa. Symposium presentation notes are included for each delegate, and certificates of attendance are granted to delegates who attend the full proceedings. Certain presentations will be available as podcasts or on video.

There is vast evidence to support the need for more midwife specialists
in South Africa and the world.

That’s why Sensitive Midwifery Academy is proud to offer to all midwives its new post-basic Certified Sensitive Midwife Course, which was successfully pioneered in the Eastern Cape.